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Colon Cleansing? What Is It And What To Expect

colon cleansingColon therapy or colon cleansing is the form clearing out any waste that has been accumulating in the stomach.

Over time, the food we eat is digested and passed on through the intestines before being released through the rectum.

As this happens, there are fecal residues that stick onto the walls of the colon; hampering it from properly performing its function- which is to absorb whichever food or nutrient the body requires from the broken down food.

As this buildup grows, the number of harmful toxins that reside in your colon increases and which puts you at risk. At the same time, as the colon is blocked up, it will not function as required of it, which results to poor health as essential nutrients are not well absorbed and go to waste. Read more »

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Can You Lose Weight Doing A Colon Cleanse? Some Straight Answers


A colon cleanse is a fasting method whereby you don’t ingest anything except only for a colon cleanse formula for a few days. The idea is to detoxify your body by eliminating putrefied feces, slim and undigested food.

Easily, the first and the most famous colon cleansing method is the Master Cleanse. It first became popular after Beyonce announced she lost 20 pounds because of the program. Read more »